Sep 05

Maybe they have starship spare parts. Let's kill them.

Good Show Sir Art Direction: “It’s called ‘Starship’ so paint me a butt-naked archer.”

Thanks to Ryan for sending this in!

Published 1969

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14 Responses to “Starship”

  1. Tat Wood Says:

    Spoiler Alert: the US title and the cover give away about 2/3 of the plot.

  2. Max Bathroom Says:

    @Tat Wood
    There are stories about Aldiss being absolutely furious over that.

  3. Francis Boyle Says:

    Alternative Title: For the World Is Yellow and I Have Touched the Sky

  4. Tor Mented Says:

    ♪ We built this city on sausage rolls. ♪

  5. fred Says:

    He should be wearing a blue loincloth.

  6. GSS ex-noob Says:

    I know they had limited resources, but were they that nekkid?

    @Tat: Thankfully, the US title eventually reverted to the original one, which is what I read it under, so I wasn’t spoiled.

    @FB: GSS!

    I was wondering “has this copy faded and it wasn’t so yellow at first?” And… a bit, but not much. It was a smidge more green in the background foliage, but still only chartreuse at best.

  7. Bruce A Munro Says:

    (Guy shot with arrow) “Argh! Our efforts to walk all sneaky-like proved futile!”

    @Tat Wood: admittedly, when I first saw this cover I thought they had crashed on an actual planet and the starship was buried underground. I mean, that’s an awfully large room.

    (I hope I haven’t distressed anyone by further spoilering a 54 year old SF novel.)

  8. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Impressive how he can aim and shoot that bow with only a stump for a right arm.

  9. Emster Says:

    ♪ There’s a Starmaaaaan lurking in the plants
    Perhaps he’s just a local ’cause he isn’t wearing pants ♪

  10. JJYoyo Says:

    🎵Let me tell ya a story ‘bout a guy named Roy
    A poor astronaut, bow and arrow got him by
    And then one day he was shootin’ at two dudes
    When up from the ground sprang a sprocket or two

    Machinery that is
    Amazes the feller 🎵

    It’s … the Generation-ship Hillbillies!

  11. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @JJ: Yee-haw! That there’s one to sing around the cee-ment pond.

  12. Bruce A Munro Says:

    And then they all moved (very slowly) to Coruscant.

  13. JJYoyo Says:

    @Bruce A M:

    The Trantor Dome-billies!

  14. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @JJYoyo: with Hari Seldon as their uptight intellectual neighbor, whose studies are always being interrupted by the Dome-billies latest wacky hijinks.

    (GSS for your musical stylings.)

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