Apr 19

I bet he's watching space porn.Click for full image

NoiselessPenguin Comments: I’ll leave you with Samuel L Jackson grinning vaguely with eggcups stuck to his eyes.

Many thanks to NoiselessPenguin!
We’ve been searching for this one, MU HA HA HA!

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28 Responses to “A Quantum Murder”

  1. SI Says:

    I do enjoy most of Peter’s covers and I regularly read them on public transport. I think they give me the air of, ‘That’s sci-fi, but it’s also the size of a bible so it has to be epic. What a guy…. what a guy.’ This however is pretty hilarious!

    Good Show… Good Show!

  2. Albertosaurus Rex Says:

    You know what actually surprises me? There hasn’t been even one of the infamous US Steven Erikson covers on the site yet.

    Back on topic… yeah, that’s pretty bad.

  3. James Lovegrove Says:

    I wait with interest to see what Simon has to say about this one, as I believe it’s one of his.

    To me it looks like Jason Statham being assaulted by two Daleks. Eyeball plunger sucking is a well-known sexual deviation on Skaro.

  4. SI Says:

    Ha not the new dalecks though. They are too busy with increasing the size of their ghetto bootay!

    I am enjoying thinking that he could just be going for some future cosmetic surgery. ‘We’ve given you collagen lips sir, now time to give your eyes a face lift…Well OK we’re just sucking them out.”

  5. Adam Roberts Says:

    Simon does seem a little conspicuous by his absence from this comments thread, though, doesn’t he?

    It makes me wonder if this celebrated modern-art sculpture, currently on display in the Tate Modern was actually based on the cover art displayed here.

  6. CSA Says:

    So we’ve got Samuel Jackson, Jason Statham and an epic modern art sculpture… personally i just think he looks like Vin Diesel.

    Would it be rude to say i think the dude is getting his eyes removed because he’s just seen the cover? This cover is better than some of PFHamiltons, although i like PF Hamiltions covers in general, they can be slightly too… cartoony or something…

    Peter seems to jump around publishers alot.

  7. Ian H. Says:

    It looks a little like Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, with that smile… “The Matrix has you… by the eyeballs!”

  8. hampshireflyer Says:

    It gives us a good guess at the motive, anyway. (‘You replaced my eyes with quantum billard balls. Prepare to die!’)

  9. Patrick Farley Says:

    Excuse me… You’re showing me a Peter F. Hamilton novel and complaining the that *cover* is bad? Since when do turds deserve gold plating?

  10. CSA Says:

    I enjoy most of hamiltons stuff. His turds smell like strawberries… cheesy strawberries, but strawberries none the less.

  11. Caribooming Says:

    Looks like John Malkovich with Bocce balls held on his eyes by egg whisks.

  12. Tomah Says:

    I understand that the cover is strange. But Samuel L. Jackson? That’s like pointing at Lady Gaga and saying “Look! There goes Condoleezza Rice!”

  13. SI Says:

    Patrick> Harsh… too harsh 😛

    Tomah> Yea… I noted that too. Besides he clearly looks more like the big chinned alien guy with the needle weapon from the X-Files. Yea, I had an exciting childhood.

  14. Adam Roberts Says:

    I’ve changed my mind. I think he looks like Oliver Letwin.

  15. Simon Says:

    Back from the Book Fair. And now may go back.

    So, this cover. We (note ‘we’ – always bring the author in at this point) wanted to feature this particular character on the front of the book.

    Trick was to make said badly scarred, blind and wheelchairbound bound techo-geek internet wizard appear not sorry for himself and somewhat heroic.

    Mistake was to put him on the cover in the first place. That said, the first cover featuring the ruggedly handsome all action hero (this being a Peter F. Hamilton hero remember), Greg Mandel, doesn’t look too clever either (at least these eye pieces actually go over the eyes, Greg’s covered his cheek).

    We were young, we were excited.

  16. SI Says:

    You didn’t have anything to do with this did ya?


    Found any good covers at the book fair? 😀

  17. Simon Says:

    Nope. Phew. That was the TOR cover. The plastic Uzi laser is a highpoint.

  18. Nix Says:

    Oh, that’s *Royan* on the front cover, is it? I had no idea, mostly because he looks too, well, muscular for someone confined to near-immobility for as long as Royan was.

  19. Dario Says:

    This must have been inspired by the episode “The Mutant” from the original (60’s) outer limits episode. (Also one of the better episodes from the series too, I might add.) The iconic image of the bug-eyed human mutant haunted me for years.

    PS: Thanks for the site with all these covers.

  20. Chris Moore Says:

    I know this guy…. it’s Larry Rostant, the cover artist. Not, perhaps, one of his best, but he does do some great stuff.

  21. SI Says:

    Hey Chris. I wouldn’t say the cover is bad at all.

    I’d gladly take it on a train with pride. Even with the egg cups 🙂

  22. CSA Says:

    Larry does have an extremely impressive portfollio, this particular cover is a poor representation of his talent. Theres just something about it…

    Chris, We’ve actually had one of your own covers here 😉
    okay, not actually, but i did link to one of your covers in the comments there, i even called it a good cover, which is a rare thing to read here lol.
    We’re gonna have to see if you have any older works covering cheesy Sci-fi books now… something you might not want us to see, muhahaha

  23. chuffy Says:

    A Quantum Murderp?

  24. Herm Says:

    Was there an edition with Julia on the cover? She was pretty cool.

  25. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:


    That’s all I can think of right now.

  26. A.R.Yngve Says:

    An eye-popping cover indeed…
    (And I can’t believe I said it first!)

  27. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Damnation, this cover’s given Martin Gore bad ideas!

  28. GSS noob Says:

    At this late date, I would like to register a vote for Statham. Would possibly accept Diesel, but way, way down. Not at ALL like SLJ.

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