Apr 20

Wow... who cares about the huge strange alien creature behind you. Orange trousers.. really?Click for full image

Jen Comments: I have no words. Someday, I’m going to have to build up the courage to actually read this.

Amazing! Thanks Jen!

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24 Responses to “The Star Beast”

  1. bob Says:

    I read it and the cover actually makes sense if you know the story.

  2. SI Says:

    Wow I love this. It gets you right in the retina so many times.

    First – Wow strange creature?
    Second – Uh.. magical hands?
    Third – Translucent planets?
    Fourth – Orange space trousers?
    Fifth – head explodes

  3. Adam Roberts Says:

    I like the way he’s standing on a pile of giant twiglets.

    And are those dollar-signs on his braces?

  4. CSA Says:

    Is he perfectly symmetrical in the story?
    And does he have those orange tights?

  5. hampshireflyer Says:

    I love you, you love me, we’re a ten-legged family…

  6. Andy Sawyer Says:

    Those green straps make my eyes waters . . .

  7. Jack Mitchell Says:

    This is actually a very good book for the 10-12-year-old demographic, though as I recall there were several quaint instances of over-the-top 1950’s male chauvinism.

  8. Atoz Says:

    As with most Heinlein juveniles this is a fun, if dated, read. But all the covers of this particular printing vintage were terrible. The funky psychedelic covers of the next printing were WAAAY better.

  9. stevetalbert Says:

    Is robert heinlein even still alive?!?!??!?!?

    And I though Jar Jar Binks was bad….

  10. Ghod Says:

    I’ve always liked this cover, ever since I picked it up in the ’70s. I can’t claim to remember the story, but I do remember that I didn’t hate it. Bob is most likely correct, in that it makes sense, if you’ve read the book.

    It’s always interesting, if nothing else, seeing what non-artists say about an image they’ve come to….with nothing but the worst expected. It’s kinda sad, really.

  11. Marian Says:

    The Star Beast is a fun little children’s story! So the man ought to be a little boy.

    Stevetalbert, Heinlein’s been gone a long time. Early in his career(Fifties mostly), he wrote great juveniles. All of them are good reads, the kind of YA that adults can enjoy. Tunnel in the Sky, Double Star, Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, Red Planet, Citizen of the Galaxy, etc. In all, you do have to overlook the things that date them and enjoy the ride.

  12. Atoz Says:

    Hear hear, Marian! As an admitted Heinlein buff I will be sending some “beautiful” covers of well-loved books (and a few not-so-well-loved) post haste.

    BTW for those not yet indoctrinated, “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel” is a single book. One with an especially heinous cover that’s on its way.

  13. Jamular Says:

    What exactly is wrong with orange space tights when your nemesis is a pink 8 legged dinosaur? That spaceman knows what he’s doing you know. It’s called empathy.

  14. Hickepedia Says:

    Read the story, cover makes sense. The creature’s name is “Lummox,” if you were interested. /shrug

  15. Morgan C Says:

    The Darrell Sweet cover of the 80s re-release was a whole lot better.

  16. Michele Brenton Says:

    The hero is a teenager with a girlfriend and the story deals with issues such as free-speech, justice and jurisprudence, politics and diplomacy – so not quite a little children’s book. I know a few fifteen/sixteen year-olds who look as adult as the guy on the cover and I think the hero is older than that anyway. The creature is his ‘pet’ brought to earth by a grandfather from one of his space travels. Not his Nemesis.

    The fashions described in the book are extremely wacky so I’m not sure this cover is so way off beam. The creature is described as having delicate little hands and the number of legs is correct. Lummox – the creature is described as being like a little girl through most of the book.

    If a cover is supposed to depict the story accurately – this does.

  17. Bookworm Bas Says:

    I’m going to have to find my own edition. I know it has a different cover. Just been refered to this site. Big SciFi Fantasy fan with respectable collection. Lots of old school Sci fi. I hope to make a contribution…Bas

  18. Bookworm Bas Says:

    Have submitted 1972 New English Library edition of “The Star Beast” personally I like this one better it is truer to the book in it’s description of Lummox. Also submitted “Have Space Suit – Will Travel” 1958 Ace Books edition gloriously awful yet good as well; at least the artist read the book and tried to be faithful to the descriptions. Hope they get accepted for you to see.

  19. mjfgates Says:

    Those straps look SERIOUSLY uncomfortable.

  20. pjcamp Says:

    This is actually a good book. Or at least it was when I was 13. I even have it in that cover.

    The beast is a fair reproduction of what is in the story. The ghostly disembodied hands dribbling snowballs, not so much.

  21. arnver Says:

    I think I read this book… Heinlein is a nice author, one of the old ones.

  22. scifi-guy Says:

    Lummox has a little girl’s voice, he/she/it (species had 7 sexes) did not act like a little girl. The artist’s depiction of Lummox is fairly accurate. The guy’s outfit, however . . . Heinlein for some reason thought tights where the height of fashion. Still, in his 1947 novel Beyond This Horizon, he predicted two thing I though were outrageous – men wearing earrings and painting their fingernails . . .

  23. GSS noob Says:

    The floating hands really don’t work, but from what I remember of the book, the rest of it’s okay.

    Heinlein’s juveniles, minus the sexism of the time, are still good reading. It was when he started writing for adults that he got weird and incesty.

    “Citizen of the Galaxy” is still a cracking good story.

  24. A. R. Yngve Says:


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