Apr 29

Damn it... he's caught us! I knew we should have used the giant laser pointer!Click for full image

Bibliomancer Comments: Thrilling science-fiction … [if you love space cats] …
Published 1962

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28 Responses to “Lord of Thunder”

  1. Phil Says:

    Curious proportions here. The flying machine is caught under the cat’s fangs, so is presumably at the same distance as the man standing astride the cat’s nose. Which makes the pilots of said flying machine very small.

    I’m so pleased this edition is complete and unabridged. I would hate to think anything had been cut out. Also very pleased that it has satisfied the highest standards of the critical literary community… in Springfield.

  2. SI Says:

    Of all the things to notice, I’m not sure that’s actually a space ship. It’s a space helicopter! Which would completely work in space…

  3. Adam Roberts Says:

    Where’s the safest place to be during a thunderstorm if you want to minimize the chance of a lightning strike? Is it

    A: Under a tree.
    B. In the middle of a field.
    C. Stranding on the nose of a giant helicopter-devouring cat, whilst wearing a viking helmet.

    Your time starts …. NOW.

  4. Jaouad Says:

    Either kitty has a serious overbite, or that’s a really short space chopper.
    Also: careful with those rotor blades. You could put an eye, er… two eyes out with those things.

  5. Phil Says:

    Who says we’re in space? Cats, eagles, vikings and helicopters all need air, so obviously we are on Earth or somewhere similar.

    If you placed this book on a turntable, the spiral in the background would become dangerously hypnotic. (Assumes that the turntable is switched on; that the centre of the spiral is placed co-axial with the centre of the turntable; that the book is placed face up; and that you watch it for minutes at a time.)

  6. Bibliomancer Says:

    Thundercat’s owner is going to find him trotting home later with a mouth full of little eagle feathers.

  7. JaunPaul Says:

    The so called Lord of Thunder is by far the least baddass thing on this cover.

  8. Tom Hering Says:

    Yeah, the cat’s bite doesn’t make sense given the apparent length of the VTOL craft. Neither do the cat’s eyes. It’s pupils would be BIG if it was seeing and seizing prey. There’s more than one experience of dissonance when looking at this cover.

  9. FearofMusic Says:

    That is one godawful ugly cat. Can’t believe Gene Simmons wrote a song based on this. I mean KISS were pretty…what? ‘God’ of Thunder, not lord? Oh well, alright then.

  10. FearofMusic Says:

    And if your cat has a mouth like that..consider getting a dog.

  11. Tom Hering Says:

    The chubby face of an overweight cat isn’t the best choice for expressing the frightening attack of a predator.

  12. Tom Hering Says:

    Not only does the Lord of Thunder wear a skirt, he carries a purse, too. More than one purse from the look of it. As if he couldn’t decide how to accessorize that day.

  13. THX 1138 Says:

    2 out of 10 cats prefer scrap metal.

  14. Yoss Says:

    You just know that cat is going to throw up helicopter bits all over the carpet later on.

  15. B. Chiclitz Says:

    1. That’s some hairball!

    2. Hey, guy with the thunderbolts and all, whatever you do, don’t squat!!

  16. Tom Noir Says:

    This was a hell of a thing to wake up to first thing in the morning.

  17. fred Says:

    Looks like the goofiest staging of Das Rheingold ever. “Heda! Heda hedo!”

  18. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    ‘Me see England! Me see France! Me see Lord of Thunder’s Underpants!’

    ‘Oooh! Cheek!’

    ‘…that too…’

  19. A.R.Yngve Says:

    On the back cover, the Springfield Republican has nothing but praise for the artwork:

  20. Scott B Says:


  21. Bibliomancer Says:


  22. Herm Says:

    Why do we think it’s a cat? It’s clearly an owl wearing trick contact lenses and fake gnashers for Hallowe’en.

  23. HappyBookwyrm Says:

    Is it possible that the Lord of Thunder just bought an epic cat-toy of a space-copter for his owl-feline to play with on trips through the swirling void?

  24. eliddell Says:

    And the sad part is, the illustrator couldn’t even be bothered to draw the right kind of eagle . . .

    Also, the very idea of an abridged edition is disturbing. Like most of Norton’s novels, this one is sufficiently short that any cuts would create a book of appropriate length for semi-literate sixth-graders.

  25. rev Says:

    That space chopper is going to trim his whiskers. I look forward to the part later when he misjudges the gap in the doorway and slams into the wall. At speed.

  26. A.R.Yngve Says:


  27. anon Says:

    No-Trend Nora
    “Felching it in scenic Tirol” — Leafspring Blip Inducer

  28. Tom Noir Says:

    Original concept art for the live action movie of Beauty and the Beast, if it had been directed by Michael Bay.

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