Jul 22

Meanwhile... at the daemon hair stylists...Click for full image

Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Comments:
‘It’s called the Loko Meme papers.’
‘The wot?’
‘The Koko Leme papers. I don’t know. I hate these titles. I hate Orko from He-Man. He terrifies my wife, and then she won’t cook anything but broccoli and listen to her jazz LPs on the stereo.’
Published 1974

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13 Responses to “The “Lomokome” Papers”

  1. THX 1138 Says:

    This is neither the time nor the place for your “trapped in an invisible box” mime. To the end credits of Star Trek with you!

  2. Phil Says:

    The “Cockamamey” Title.

  3. Tat Wood Says:

    My little baby sister can do it with ease
    It’s easier than learning your ABCs
    So come on, come on, doooo
    The Lomokome with me…

  4. fred Says:

    Herman Wouk is not dead.

  5. Tom Noir Says:


    – This is weird even by GSS standards.
    – Is “Lomokome” a quote or are we not supposed to take it literally?
    – Why is the art rippling out from the price sticker?
    – Is ‘The Winds of War’ about a barbarian with a flatulence problem? Because it should be.
    – This is why no one likes gingers.

  6. Bibliomancer Says:

    When we first meet the alien beings we will communicate with …


    Let’s tag it and bag it.

  7. Scott B Says:

    I think this Screaming Zombie Apple cosplay is *excellent*.

  8. A.R.Yngve Says:

    I’ll wait for the miniseries.

  9. Jaouad Says:

    I am disappointed. The first alien being we meet is a Jawa?

  10. anon Says:

    Wait! Is that her hair?
    Those loco meme papers seem quite effective!

  11. A.R.Yngve Says:

    A chilling novel of man’s first meeting with alien beings

  12. Severian 67 Says:

    “Out on the winding, windy moors, We’d roll and fall in green”. So this is what Kate Bush meant. The hoodie with the headlamps has been doing some serious clubbing, hasn’t he? He’s got two of those ink stamp things on his hands. Pac-Man is floating in the sky for some reason and is clearly asleep – you can just see his little mouth open ever so slightly as if he were snoring. All this rolling and falling has plainly been too much for him.

  13. Anna T. Says:

    @Jaouad: He’s not a Jawa. Too tall. However, a shoddy Jawa impersonator might just be on the money.

    Are we supposed to use air quotes when speaking this title? Because it’s clear that the green lady is attempting to escape the presumed madness that is this book cover.

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