Sep 27

Love boat. Exciting and new!

Good Show Sir Comments: Faces are hard to draw.

Published 1980

Actually, that cover IS a classical work of art!I would touch it without protective gloves.I've seen worse. Far, far, worse.Interesting, but I would still read it in public.Middlng: Neither awful nor awfully goodWould not like to be seen reading that!Awful... just awful...That belongs in a gold-lame picture frame!Gah... my eyes are burning! Feels so good!Good Show Sir! (Average: 4.11 out of 10)

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18 Responses to “Islands ”

  1. Tat Wood Says:

    “Love, soft as an easy chair/ love fresh as the morning air”

    Where the floating Mosque comes in I couldn’t tell you.

  2. Tor Mented Says:


  3. JuanPaul Says:

    @tor I came here to ask the same question. How do you pronounce that?

  4. Cornelius Says:

    No matter how hard he blew or where he placed his fingers, he couldn’t get a tune out of her.

  5. fred Says:

    The constellation of Virgo Lost.

  6. Francis Boyle Says:

    Is this like Space Battleship Yamato but with the Taj Mahal instead? Why the gold paint? And where did the rest of the hull go? So many questions that nobody could possibly be bored enough to want to answer.

  7. Tor Mented Says:

    @JuanPaul: It would be appropriate if it’s pronounced “kiss lands”

  8. Bruce A Munro Says:

    ‘ware space-berg off the port bow!

    @Francis Boyle: Or “Titanic” in space, which would make those two Rose and Jack. Only room for one on the space-pod!

  9. Ryan Says:

    @Cornelius: Thank you for that blast of laughter.

  10. B. Chiclitz Says:

    Under embiggerment, it appears he has the number “260” along with some sort of enigmatic signpole carved into his arm. What can this mean?

    @Cornelius: GSS!

  11. Tor Mented Says:

    @BC: I think he works at McDonald’s and got a tattoo that says 2 GO.

  12. GSS ex-noob Says:

    Randall HATES this cover and has snarked about it for 42 years. Apparently the artist didn’t read the book, so it’s got a romance novel cover although it’s late New Wave, all philosophical about mortality, the nature of mankind, etc.

    I can’t figure out whose fingers are where.

    @Tor: The Love Mosque seems to signal Arabic, so I’m thinking “ki-lands”

    🎵 Kilands in the stream, that is where we are.🎵

    @BC and @Tor: It might also say 2GU, which could be the nutritional supplement he’s touting.

    Since most of the people in the book are immortal, I’m thinking it’s his age. With an arrow pointing to it so he doesn’t forget.

    Or someone wrote 2(.)60 on it, and if that’s in USD, CAD, GBP, Euro, $Aus or $NZ, it’s too much. Hopefully it’s $HK. (34c American)

    GSS and LOL to @Cornelius, @FB and @Bruce.

  13. Hammy Says:

    GSS to @Cornelius!

    I thought for a moment that it was “Psland” with a dyslexic P. Sort of like when Adam Ant surfaced, it was with the D in his name reversed as kind of an art-school statement.

    @GSSxn (prev.): I agree, $2.60 US/CAN/AU/NZ or 2 and 60 GBP is far too high a price for such as this.

  14. JJYoyo Says:

    My first impression of the floating mosque was that it was the Mortal Engines version of Kuala Lumpur. No idea what Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand are doing there.

  15. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @JJYoyo: That’s where I’ve seen them before! Maybe floating Kuala Lampur has an arena they’re singing at. Presumably a new cover would need to have Cooper and Gaga instead.

  16. Bruce A Munro Says:

    @JJYoyo, @GSS ex-noob: they’re in space, so perhaps rather than Mortal Engines it’s Cities in Flight (hi, James Blish!) and they’ve strapped some spindizzies to Kuala Lumpur.

  17. Emster Says:

    Howl’s Moving Castle… in Spaaaaaaaace!
    Little Mosque in the Air-y

  18. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Bruce: Frighteningly, that makes the most sense.

    And look, there’s the floating islands below! Awww, they brought those with them in the spindizzy field.

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