Aug 12

Gah! Dead so soon. And I just got this crew cut!Click for full image

We’ve both been talking this over and really there is one thing we need on our cover. A horrific font! Have it big, bold, blocky and have the ‘fought’ look like someone has tried to adjust the colour balance in photoshop and then forgot about it. For the rest, just have some women crawling out of the air vent shooting an android. But seriously, who cares about the artwork these days.

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17 Responses to “City Who Fought”

  1. CSA Says:

    haha, i can just see the artist aswell…

    Artist: “ah, done and done… pretty good”
    Author: ” Freaking awesome! oh but its called “THE” city who fought, you left out the “the”, you n00b!”
    Artist: “ah well sure i’ll just wing the word inside a purple and black circle and stick a lightning bolt throught it”
    Author: “OMGZ, THAT ROXORS”
    Artist: “indeed”

    (for some reason in my reality Anne McCaffery is a 14 year old l33t gamer)

  2. SI Says:

    haha next you will say Anne McCaffery is some 80 year old women or something LOLz

    Yea… I didn’t actually notice the horrible ‘the’ box. Wow… just wow…

  3. Justin Leego Says:

    For some reason this looks like it could have been an alternative mock-up for the home port of Xenophobe. I like that. A lot.

  4. A.R.Yngve Says:

    “THE SHIP WHO SANG is not alone!”
    Well, I’m glad the singing ship has found a significant other / life partner / friend / one-night ship stand.

  5. Mark V Thomas Says:

    Re: A.R Yngve’s Last comment
    I’ve actually read this book, and firstly “the city” is a space habitat, similar to say, Babylon 5, which is taken over by human invaders, from a degenerated colony…
    And for the “life partner”, it’s more like “extremely disabled fellow classmate” of Helva, rather than any of the above, as the administrator is a “shellperson” as I recall…

  6. Cory Says:

    Robot Thomas Jefferson?

  7. Joe K Says:

    That android is thinking, dammit not more lesbians!

  8. Phil Says:

    Of course, the grammar checker should have been applied to this cover. The ship WHO sang? The city WHO fought?

  9. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Well, yes… technically speaking, the title should’ve read “The City Which Fought” or “The City That Fought”… but I’ll admit the right to artistic license in this case.

    It’s the message of the cover I’m not down with. Jeez, city, can’t we cities all get along…?

  10. FearofMuÅŸic Says:

    The Town That Tussled! The Borough That Brawled! The Village that Vamped! (it was a lover, not a fighter.)/

  11. Rags Says:

    This futuristic world has the worst hair cuts!

    On angry-militant-lesbian-femme-fatale and that poor arthritic cyborgy-robocop thing. Why does he even have hair to beging with? Why is it white and shaped like a sand barge?? To match his eyebrows? Why does he even HAVE eyebrows?? WHY GOD WHY???

  12. Tat Wood Says:

    It’s as if the people doing Ted Danson’s makeup weren’t sure if he’d be playing Robespierre or a Robot so they hedged their bets and created a heavily-armed cyborg Enlightenment wit – with blackface, just to annoy Whoopie Goldberg all over again.

    Still, at least this is one book we can be confident won’t have a gushing pull-quote from Anne McCaffrey on the back.

  13. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Take careful note: ‘City Who Fought’ is plugged into an earthed wire, but ‘The’ is carrying a static electrical charge.

  14. Tom Noir Says:

    OK, we need to get this site back on track, DSWBT is starting to go a little crazy.

  15. Rev Says:

    Time takes a cigarette….

  16. DaveM Says:

    You know, the victim seems to have suffered a black and white negative effect (like victims of the Daleks suffered in classic doctor who). Which would make the girl a sexy dalek girl.. A sexy bisexual (but mostly lesbian) dalek girl with a fetish for airvents. Oh heavens, the slash fanfic basically writes itself 🙂

  17. GSS noob Says:

    “The” circle with lightning bolt is like the logo of the 1980 Flash Gordon.

    But this is too gaudy, tacky, and camp for even Freddie Mercury.

    “Who” is correct as the ship, city, etc. are run by severely physically disabled babies who get put into life support modules and hooked up to run things.

    Which is actually terrifying — this only happens if they’re very smart and can handle this. Otherwise, the babies are euthanized. Oh, and after their training, they’re heavily in debt, so they’re effectively slave labor for many years, running space stations, starships, and the economy in dangerous places for all the lovely “normal” people while spending their entire lives in boxes.

    Yes, in this future, human beings have FTL travel and can interface brains to control complex machinery — but apparently have forgotten how to make wheelchairs, computers like what Stephen Hawking uses, and any prenatal tests to see if the kid’s going to have a problem. Not to mention the elimination of everyone of less than normal intelligence.

    Eine volk.

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