Jun 28

In space no one can hear you varrrrooooooom!Click for full image

Rod Comments: Monochromatic red? Hardly kaleidoscopic when describing this gang unidentifiable flying bike objects.
Published 1979

Who wouldn’t want a space bike?
Many thanks to Rod!

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One Response to “Cosmic Kaleidoscope”

  1. CSA Says:

    I love the “A glittering galaxy of science fiction gems”. It makes it sound so… fabulous

  2. SophaLoaf Says:


  3. SI Says:

    I love the font in this one.

    Do you think the bikers behind the front space bike sometimes get knocked off by the wake of the engines?

  4. DeadRobot Says:

    This would have been 100% fabulous only if they had spelled “Cosmic” with a K

  5. James Lovegrove Says:

    For Hell’s Angels from space, tearing up the interstellar highways, they seem rather … sedate, don’t you think?

  6. e.lee Says:

    @James Lovegrove
    Hell’s Angels from space – on scarlet Vespas? Crank up the Steppenwolf now (or maybe not…)

  7. Tom Noir Says:

    The colorssss…. they burns, precious!

    Seriously, did they not teach you that you can’t use that red with that blue in cover design school?

  8. Tommi Says:

    Cosmic Quadrophenia?

  9. Crosius Says:

    I’ve got that book. There’s no story in it featuring the space bikers, either.

    The cowboy time-travel story (“Skirmish on a Summer Morning”) was pretty neat, though.

  10. CSA Says:

    Do you think they ever cross paths with

  11. Parker Says:

    @CSA Thats a space scooter not a bike.

    Maybe a rival gang!

  12. Little Mi Says:

    He’s wearing shorts. Infact they look like short dungarees to me, which I believe is technically known as a playsuit. I find it stragely hard to be struck down with fear by a man in a playsuit.

  13. anon Says:

    A grey Cosmic Kaleidoscope that says “Dell SF”.

  14. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Mr. Front and Center looks a little grumpy. I imagine it’s because he’s got a bonobo skull coming out of his joy division.

    The bike on the left looks like he’s singing a chorus of “Ghost Riders in the Kaleidoscope”, while the right one seems to be figuring how to politely ask Lefty to be quiet.

  15. Herm Says:

    @CSA, @Parker: It’s Space Mods versus Space Rockers!

    That neutron star with “Dell SF” lasered onto it… some kind of futuristic advertising for the latest neural augmentations?

  16. James Lovegrove Says:

    @Herm: On Space Brighton Beach!

  17. A.R.Yngve Says:

    [Tries desperately to make a pun about “glittering galaxies”, fails, bangs head against keyboard]

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