Apr 11

Holy Mother of God... that is a horrible sweat band Tim!Click for full image

Shoulder pads, parachuter’s with lugers, Nazi’s fighting villagers, lens flare oh lots of lens flare which obviously symbolises magic, leather, sweat bands, …. did I mention shoulder pads?

(Have a great easter weekend! This bends our rules seeing as it is part of a franchise, but come on this one is so worth it! Enjoy!)

Thanks so much to CSA!

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14 Responses to “Easter Spawn”

  1. RML Says:

    Oh that is so CAMP ! It would only be improved by the inclusion of SS officers in spandex.

  2. admin Says:

    God… the more I look at this cover the more I want to own it. Just so I can bring it out on the train or bus and people will look at me and say, “Good show sir… good show!”

  3. SI Says:

    This needs pointed out again as possibly the most camp cover ever.

    Oh it makes me laugh… oh… boy….

  4. CSA Says:

    That novel should just be called “lugers and lensflare”

    I was in the shop again a few weeks ago on the hunt for new covers, that one was still there… i cant imagine why.

    The dude shooting the Lensflare magic just looks so awesome, I wish shoulder pads and sweat bands were fashionable.
    Robes, capes, hats and canes too should be making a comeback soon aswell.

  5. rev Says:

    Is that Benny Hill in the parachute?
    I thought he was on our side? Turncoat. Wait..which side is which? If the guy playing with his balls is one of ours, we don’t want him.

  6. A.R.Yngve Says:

    When you couple that blurb copy with that artwork, the blurb sounds a tad… er, “ambiguous”…

    “Chase retired to get away from the action (nudge, wink). Then the action came looking for him (at the leather bar).”

  7. GSS noob Says:

    He’s got YMCA wrong. Maybe he’s doing “Walk Like An Egyptian”.

    You could combine Freddie Mercury, John Barrowman, and Dame Edna and not get something that camp.

    Can we get a retroactive “Smirky McSmug” tag here?

  8. Tat Wood Says:

    Pinocchio got to be a Real Boy… for about eight seconds.

  9. THX 1139 Says:

    “Springtime for Hitler and Germany!”

  10. JuanPaul Says:

    Shootin’ while chutin’ looks like a lot of fun.

  11. fred Says:

    There may be a slight problem w/ the parachutes in the quickly detachable canopy department.

  12. Tor Mented Says:

    Siegfried and Roy show up. When they heard “Panzer,” they thought someone said “panther.”

  13. B. Chiclitz Says:

    People will literally kill to own a faux Tudor cottage.

  14. Bruce Munro Says:

    While action raged behind him, Hans just stood there, playing with his balls.

    Shadowrun: where fantasy, cyberpunk, and action movies collide with a crunch, leaving behind a lumpy amalgamation that leaves many scratching their heads and asking “What the hell is that thing?”

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