Apr 01

And now for the real cover:

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You might remember seeing this previously on Good Show Sir: Sunrunner’s Fire

Stutzman comments: So here is the Australia cover for that very same book (found in a used bookstore in the US), which is hideous beyond words. Same general elements: dragon, wizardly dude in robes, rocks. The execution, however… oh, my eyes.

Thanks very much to Stutzman!

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18 Responses to “Sunrunner’s Fire”

  1. CSA Says:

    Telegraph review: Medievil Village People.

    The concert on Skull Mountain got off to a shaky start. The improved YMCA lacked choreography of previous versions. The wizard got the Y down pretty well, even throwing in some lightning bolts to spice it up (injuring several members of the audience). Unfortunately, the dra-GON went with a C…

  2. Adam Roberts Says:

    Is that camera flare, or is the dragon actually wearing a sort of Afro of shining magical energy?

  3. SI Says:

    The wizard does get bonus points on this one for having baby skulls on his belt.

    The dragon kinda reminds me of something Godzilla would fight. If one ever watched such things.

  4. Ron Obvious Says:

    Proving once again that art direction at mainstream publishing houses and Mad-libs are exactly the same thing.

  5. Kyro Says:

    That’s a shame, because I actually quite like the American cover.

  6. David Cowie Says:

    “Book 3 in the epic Dragon Prince series”
    The Usenet group rec.arts.sf.written used to have an in-joke about SWORD OF THE DRAGON PRINCE being the perfect Extruded Fantasy Product novel title.

  7. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    The artist painted a competent dragon…erred in the foreshortening of the head…said ‘Fuckitall, I give up’ and never did anything with the wings. That’s my interpretation.

    Also, how could the artist paint good dragon’s talons, and then foul up the sorcerer’s hands? Shouldn’t there be a ‘Hands 101’ class you take in art college? ‘Applied Hands’? ‘Hands Hands-on’?

    And what are those things on the wizard’s belt? They can’t be skulls. Are they masks? Masks made from skulls? Isn’t it hard to walk around with them on his belt?

    Heh, ‘low-lying fog’. That dragon fellow must have an upset stomach!

  8. A.R.Yngve Says:

    An epic dragon prince? Eh?

    “How cool was that dragon prince?”

    “He was frickin’ EPIC, man!”

  9. Stevie T Says:

    A decent book that didn’t deserve such a terrible cover. But then again, that does seem to be one of the standard categories on this site:

    1. Book that didn’t deserve horrible cover (this one)
    2. Book that so richly DID (“Virtual Mode”)
    3. Cover that serves as a warning: WHATEVER VIBE YOU ARE GETTING FROM THE COVER EXPECT MORE OF IN THE BOOK (“Dagger’s Point”)
    4. No correlation whatsoever between quality of cover and what’s in the book (“The Second Experiment”)

  10. Stevie T Says:

    Although categories 1 and 2 are probably freely interchangeable according to the eye of the beholder/reader.

  11. A.R.Yngve Says:

    Marvellous lack of talent…”
    Impressive arrangement of botched grammar…”
    Fascinating, in the manner of a train wreck…”

  12. FěaröfMusïc Says:

    @TagWiz :Skulls-A-Poppin’ tag candidate? Yes?

  13. rev Says:

    Rarrr!! Wheeeeeeee!!!

    Can’t stop laughing at this.

  14. Tom Noir Says:

    “Yo, wizard dude, I’m down here man.”

  15. Tat Wood Says:

    Surely a prima facie case of BEHIND YOU!

  16. Tag Wizard Says:

    You can have a free Perspective Problems as well Tat, looks like a scene out of Mortal Kombat.

    (psst, thanks FöM)

  17. Dead Stuff With Big Teeth Says:

    Ah, that cover reminds me…didn’t Bruno Mars and Anthony Kiedis appear on stage together last night?

  18. anon Says:

    I can’t help thinking that dragons should be something a bit classier than mere giant snakeheaded iguanas with wings plus a tail that resembles the rest of the snake..

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