Mar 22

Magazines, franchise books, paper dolls and “non-fiction” occult. We have a potpourri jamboree here for another in our continuing series of Honourable Mentions. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Now add a pinch of PicardClick for larger image

Erik Tollstedt Comments: I want an image of Ernest Hemingway. He should be sitting on a purple couch in outer space. There should be papers flying away from his lap. Also, I’d like to see Ernest Hemingway’s head explode. But not in the normal way. It should explode into several other heads, one of them a sleeping hispanic man, and the other Emperor Ming. And have some sort of purple beam shoot out of his brain too. Yeah, that will convey “creative genius” like nothing else.
Published 1990


Laser RhodanClick for larger image

Lillie Awesome Comments: When the party supply store attacks.
Published 1972


You look great! Let's head to the sushi barClick for larger image

GSS ex-noob Comments: Why don’t you post more of my covers?
Published 2017


Conjure Wife-swappingClick for larger image

Theresa Comments: The satanic black mass orgy happpened so fast that it was just a blur.
Published 1973

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