Mar 22

Magazines, franchise books, paper dolls and “non-fiction” occult. We have a potpourri jamboree here for another in our continuing series of Honourable Mentions. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Now add a pinch of PicardClick for larger image

Erik Tollstedt Comments: I want an image of Ernest Hemingway. He should be sitting on a purple couch in outer space. There should be papers flying away from his lap. Also, I’d like to see Ernest Hemingway’s head explode. But not in the normal way. It should explode into several other heads, one of them a sleeping hispanic man, and the other Emperor Ming. And have some sort of purple beam shoot out of his brain too. Yeah, that will convey “creative genius” like nothing else.
Published 1990


Laser RhodanClick for larger image

Lillie Awesome Comments: When the party supply store attacks.
Published 1972


You look great! Let's head to the sushi barClick for larger image

GSS ex-noob Comments: Why don’t you post more of my covers?
Published 2017


Conjure Wife-swappingClick for larger image

Theresa Comments: The satanic black mass orgy happpened so fast that it was just a blur.
Published 1973

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14 Responses to “Honourable Mentions 18”

  1. Bibliomancer Says:

    1 We’re drilling in Earnest now.

    2 Coming soon to a planetarium near you!

    3 I’ll have my octopus with a nice seafood dressing

    4 Rosemary’s Booby

  2. fred Says:

    1. All your Hemingways are belong to us.

    2. Shin planetarium.

    3. Who has the movie rights?

    4. Learn the secret of the Pornographer’s Stone and be able to transmute clothing into air, only $99.95.

  3. THX 1138 Says:

    1: The Old Man and the Bleee

    2: I Lost My Mind to a Starship Trooper

    3: New Disney: Lilo and Retch

    4: Being the adventures of the only woman at a 1970s key party

  4. JuanPaul Says:

    1. Uhm, maybe a depiction of Hemingway’s head exploding isn’t in the best of taste.

    2. Looks like she’s caught between a Spock and a hard rave.

    3.Let me guess, it’s a steam punk classic.

    4.This is not what Aleister Crowley had in mind.

  5. Francis Boyle Says:

    I’ve had pimples that burst like that. (Though thankfully without Saddam Hussein manifesting.)

    The Time Vault – where The Doctor hides his darkest secret – that he was into disco in the seventies.

    A chicken mask is not a good look even for an octopus.

    Random reader: Yeah, this book is all about doing stuff with aqua regia and lead. (Later) Dammit, this book is all about doing stuff with aqua regia and lead.

  6. Tor Mented Says:

    1.) Gen. Robert E. Lee was still so mad about The War of Northern Aggression that it caused his head to explode.

  7. drlemaster Says:

    Dresser: Do you think you can squeeze into this?

    Octopus: rolls eyes

  8. GSS ex-noob Says:

    1. I have that issue, and it’s a swell one, but apparently my brain mercifully refused to remember the asploding heads. (Tag missing!) And the purple laser out of Ming’s head.

    2. Perry Rhodan: Proof that Europe does not necessarily have better taste in everything. Poor girl’s just trying to adjust the disco light ahead of the big dance and whatever that is attacks.

    3. Not only paper dolls, but a SERIES of books! With other fun things to do with your octopus. (And shouldn’t it be Octopus!) They’re actually pretty cute. Suitable for all ages provided they can deal with steampunk Octopus! drawings. There’s a coloring book. The original is just a picture book about a girl and her cephalopod, followed by another with lovely landscapes. They’re on very heavy paper with sturdy covers and lush colors, and are really spiffy art books. I think this one is the 4th? I couldn’t bear to cut it up. I enjoyed looking at them.

    4. Self-censorship. Not much fun for the gal in the middle with everyone else moving so fast. Is it like the pron version of that one Star Trek when the landing party got sped up? And is the person at the lady’s back wearing a gimp mask? Is this Ritual Magic or just the 70s?
    (Just posing for the photo must have been tough for her, standing still for such a long exposure while everyone else gambols around.)

    @JuanPaul: Ooch. Yes, rather poor taste.

    @THX: 4 for 4. GSS.

    @Francis Boyle re: 4 Heh! GSS!

    @Tor: I thought it looked more like Gen. Lee myself. Not sure if the head to the right is supposed to be a young Hemingway. And no idea at all about the baldy bald man (another tag missing).

    The story had parallel universes and time travel, so I guess the artist was trying to depict Papa in several different worlds — and failed.

    BTW I took the Octopus! picture the same day as the cover recreations.

  9. Tat Wood Says:

    1. Papa Hemingway Novelty Pepto-Bismol Dispenser Recall Notice
    2. And they say Germans have no sense of humour
    3. I’m guessing this cost a little over £5.99…
    4. Which one’s Flick Colby?

    @Francis (5): we all knew the Doctor loved disco but Sutekh was a surprise.

  10. Bruce A Munro Says:

    All other possible Hemingways are merely the fumes of Cosmic Hemingway’s mighty, somewhat phallic brain-beam.

  11. Tracy Says:

    I swear that’s a dead Stalin flying out of Hemingway’s brain.

  12. Francis Boyle Says:

    @Tat Wood

    Yeah, that guff about Venusian akido never fooled anyone. It was all about the sweet dance moves!

  13. Leak Says:

    @GSS e-n: that’s not the original cover, but I think you could fill this site with Perrry Rhodan covers alone…

  14. GSS ex-noob Says:

    @Leak: the covers fit the interiors.

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